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Fourth line capture? [#3065]

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reply Fourth line capture? (2014-09-12 10:09) [#10238]

I keep encountering this situation, and I've got no idea how to counter it.

I simply can't find a reliable way to make the three black stones survive.

19x19 diagram  
HermanHiddema: Re: Fourth line capture? (2014-09-12 10:55) [#10239]

That's because black is in real trouble here.

The best advice here is: don't get into this situation. Analyse what happened before and identify where you could have avoided this.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2014-09-12 12:10) [#10240]

It should be possible to generate many nice problems out of this situation.

guess work (how to arrive there)  

If the guess above is correct problems start with B4 and get worse by B8.

reply ((no subject)) (2014-09-12 16:37) [#10241]

Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this.

Doctor: Don't do that.

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