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How to display stones on the board [#2918]

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reply How to display stones on the board (2013-07-31 22:04) [#9818]

I have a question on the proper "etiquette" in displaying Go stones on a board. I have a good set of "Yuki" clamshell stones with subtle striations on one side of the white stones, the other side being "clear". Is it "correct" to display the white stones with the striations showing or on the pure white side?

X Re: How to display stones on the board (2013-08-01 00:01) [#9820]

There really isn't any firm rule about this. A Japanese pro who was a connoiseur of go equipment whom I spoke to on this point said that the lined side should be up but that in play it doesn't really matter. Re: How to display stones on the board (2013-08-02 00:27) [#9822]

Thank you for the information. I am glad that Go etiquette is so "flexible" :) Personally, I think showing the striations looks better and in a sense subtly more "refined"...

Multifolio: Kawabata's novel "Master of Go" (2015-03-20 19:13) [#10432]

Contradictorily, in Kawabata's novel "Master of Go", the master (representing the tradition) placed white stones without paying attention to this issue. The challenger (representing modernity breaking with tradition), corrected the placement of white stones (belonging to the master), turning them. The master seemed to pay no attention to that constant "correction". This is interesting to me because it is a true story.

X Re: Kawabata's novel "Master of Go" (2015-03-21 18:46) [#10439]

John F. This is based on a mistranslation. I explained it in a thread on Go Etiquette in L19.

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