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Starting on KGS problem [#2917]

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reply Starting on KGS problem (2013-07-31 00:37) [#9814]

I am perhaps 3k now. Started on KGS. Got a rating of about 27k after some days. Only the robots want to play but no rated people. Used to be different some years ago. What did I do wrong? Should I switch to IGS or DASHN? Thanks and greetings.

X Re: Starting on KGS problem (2013-09-10 19:31) [#9849]

If you are actually around 3k but have a 27k rank in KGS it might be the case that people think you are a sandbagger. You might do better starting over with a new account claiming a rank of 3k or 4k and going from there. The Ranking Room has bots with 4k and 6k ranks. Maybe you could play an even game with those bots to get out of the 27k hole. Yes I know it is playing with bots and you don't like that but it might be the quickest way to get where you want to be.

oren: ((no subject)) (2013-07-31 00:38) [#9815]

Just use automatch. As you play more, the rating will go up.

reply reply to reply (2013-07-31 02:50) [#9816]

I tried automatch 10 times. People resign if they see their match ;)

reply ((no subject)) (2013-07-31 03:33) [#9817]

Please ask in the Help Room which should be a default room. Or failing that the English Game Room.

reply ((no subject)) (2013-07-31 22:11) [#9819]

You need some patience in the beginning. Be On the lookout for bots with a rating. Go in any room and tell them you are 3k and trying to establish a rank. Persevere. You'll get some games soon.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2013-09-10 12:14) [#9846]

Just challenge in open games people around 5-4-3-2 kyu and tell them you are about 3 kyu. Many people have unwillingly spent time in even games against unrated beginners who are not willing to resign such a game while you may not have the time or mood to turn it into a real teaching season that would benefit the beginner. Hope your problem is solved in the meantime.

The whole playing against bots makes KGS increasingly antisocial. Everyone is playing against bots these days.

reply nilaya (2013-12-15 19:02) [#9908]

KGS is one of the most retarded places I used to spend time. Dear GO lovers, switch to IGS and leave Muttley and Doug and other god like admins alone. They need time to recover.

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