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axd: Diff-in-page empty (2013-06-04 11:59) [#9677]

When I try to switch to diff-in-page view from a diff view, the pane is empty.

e.g. [ext] is ok, but

[ext] gives an empty pane. Switching back to standard view is fine.

(This bug has been on for several weeks)

tapir: Re: Diff-in-page empty (2013-06-04 19:42) [#9678]

From the page on data loss: "archive of wiki pages: all archived version between November 1st 2009 and March 29th (40 months)". I guess this is related, hard to make a correct diff if you don't have the archived versions.

axd: Re: Diff-in-page empty - still there (2013-07-27 17:02) [#9679]

This is not related to archive issues; the diffs do exist, but a bug prevents them being shown in the other, diff-in-page mode.

Again, it is not archive-related: here is a diff from a recent page change that gives an empty box: [ext]

I'd appreciate if someone could confirm that link does NOT give a box, but a true diff-in-page. Then it must be my browser that has a problem.

ArnoHollosi: fixed (2013-08-13 10:29) [#9825]

Fixed. A software utility was missing on the new server.

axd: Re: fixed (2013-08-14 11:47) [#9826]


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