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reply igosensei (2006-02-02 17:14) [#982]

has anyone tried this program for os x? I wonder if it is any good, since i've never read a review or seen any screenshots of the program.

X Re: igosensei (2007-06-29 00:21) [#3506]

Don't know for sure 'cause i've never seen it, either... But i played many years with Turbogo, the first David Fotland's go engine, the father of ManyfacesofGo, last DF machine's world champion product, from which cames, in turn, igosensei, which uses the same engine of MfoGo?... it was good, i hope the same for the other two... Lodewick

IanOsgood: Re: igosensei (2007-06-29 19:27) [#3507]

Actually, TurboGo is a different program, by Arnoud van der Loeff. The earlier versions of Many Faces were named "Go", "G2", and "Cosmos". (I have Igo Sensei on order; here are some [ext] screenshots.)

reply Intel? (2007-07-10 01:48) [#3527]

It looks good, but the website doesn't specify if it's universal binary or not. I would assume that it is . . . but I should not like to order the CD and get a nasty surprise.

IanOsgood: Re: Intel? (2007-07-10 03:59) [#3528]

iGo Sensei is a PowerPC application, compiled to be compatible with Mac OS 10.2 and above. It runs fine under the standard Rosetta emulation on Intel Macs. Many Faces was designed for much slower computers, so the emulation is hardly noticeable on the multi-gigahertz Intel Macs.

I must say, it is quite a nice Go program. Aside from Sente Goban with GNU Go, it is the only Go program that is native to Mac OS X. Re: Intel? (2007-07-10 04:12) [#3529]

Thanks for the reply. However, considering the problems I had running earlier versions of GoBan under Rosetta, I will probably wait for a universal updater. Are you running an intel machine yourself? Can you give a report on its performance (and reliability) under Rosetta? Re: Intel? (2007-07-10 10:20) [#3530]

I have had no reliability problems with iGo Sensei in the dozens of games I have played. The minor glitches I have found are the same on my PowerPC Mac. On a MacBookPro?, Core2Duo? 2.33 GHz, the default level (5) moves instantly and the highest level (10) takes about 2-10 seconds per move in the middlegame, which is comparable to the 1.5 GHz PowerPC PowerBook? I'm also testing it on. Re: Intel? (2007-10-10 21:12) [#3943]

I'd be curious whether running IgoSensei in Rosetta causes the fan on your MacBook? to run at a high level. Many Rosetta apps (particularly games) seem to turn ours into a turbojet waiting for takeoff, and it quickly becomes annoying. ;)

That doesn't have to happen with a properly-coded app that's mostly waiting for input, but if IgoSensei uses opponent time to consider moves it might use a fair amount of CPU, and thus trigger the fan. Running Windows in Parallels tends to do the same (which is a mark against MFoG for me).

So does it stay at the dull roar level? :)

reply IgoSensei is no longer licensed for sale (2009-10-17 07:43) [#6453]

Please be aware that the producers of Igo Sensei no longer have a license to The Many Faces of Go engine, and that these producers have not and are not paying royalties on the engine.

Current sales of Igo Sensei are all pirated. Please do not purchase this product.

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