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reply earliest kifu (2011-12-28 04:41) [#9185]

Does anyone know the approximate date of the earliest Go game recorded. By recorded I mean a notation of the moves played in order, not just a final position?

Thanks, Gorobei

X Re: earliest kifu (2011-12-28 09:26) [#9186]

Late second century A. D.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-01-04 01:07) [#9206]


John Fairbairn has written an interesting article on the history of Go in China, available online at [ext] http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/essay/goancientchina.html In the article, he states that the earliest surviving game record appears to be the game, in "Wang You Qing Le Ji", between the Wu prince Sun Ce (175-200) and his general Lü Fan. It is preserved in the Song Dynasty go manual "Carefree and Innocent Pastime" and is available from [ext] ftp://ftp-igs.joyjoy.net/Go/games/ancient.sgf.Z in Smart-Go format.

I hope that is sufficient information. There is also a lot of interesting stuff on Chinese go in the Gogod encyclodpedia.

reply Earliest complete game? (2013-09-10 16:41) [#9847]

The game record for the Sun Ce vs Lu Fan game stops midway. Does anyone know what the earliest record is for a complete game?

X Re: Earliest complete game? (2013-09-10 17:08) [#9848]

The "Rotted Axe-handle Game" (or "Immortals Game") from c. 800AD or Yan Jingshi v. Gu Shiyan ("Gold-Petalled Lidded Bowls Game") from c. 850AD.

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