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reply Nationality Discussion (2011-01-11 18:00) [#8233]

We have had a few discussions about how to attribute nationality of migrant players (e.g. Cho Chikun, Cho U) in the past. One place is the page for O Rissei, but were there others?

tapir: Re: Nationality Discussion (2011-01-11 18:03) [#8234]

how about japanese (nihon ki-in) professional from taiwan? i would like to have them listed in more than one name list though or with a japanese and a chinese reading. Re: Nationality Discussion (2011-01-11 19:25) [#8235]

My opinion is that it should read "Japanese" in most contexts, "...is a Japanese professional player originally from Taiwan" on biography pages. I believe this represents the opinion of most editors. I more wanted to know where past discussions were.

tapir: Re: Nationality Discussion (2011-01-11 21:56) [#8236]

Yes yes.

Writing Nihon Ki-in, Kansai Ki-in professional etc. artfully dodges any criticism though.

I would just insist to have both japanese and chinese reading on player pages as well, for O Meien, O Rissei, Xie Yimin, Cho U - while probably this is less urgent for Hane Naoki or Iyama Yuta.

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