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Help with Drago/Kogo's Joseki Dictionary [#2459]

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GoannaEmu: Help with Drago/Kogo's Joseki Dictionary (2010-12-15 08:36) [#8183]

Hi All!

This is my very first post! Though I have loved this site for a while.. This site has helped me heaps - esp in the 20k -> 10k stage - Praise for the good work librarians!

Anyway, can anyone help me with a tech problem please? It's been bugging me for months -

I like to study joseki and have been using Drago with Kogo's Joseki sgf loaded into it.

This works fine, but... I want to see the joseki for approaching a corner when black has two stones involved already, e.g. how might you approach a shimari corner enclosure?

I don't know how to "pass" to get black to play 2 stones in a row.

It seems like it should be possible but scrolling through the game tree is too hard.

Any ideas?

X Re: Help with Drago/Kogo's Joseki Dictionary (2013-09-10 22:45) [#9850]

The problem is in the Kogo's Joseki Dictionary, which uses for tenuki a code "[]". Drago expects tenuki to be coded as "[tt]". To solve the problem you can use a "find and replace" operation (I have Windows and I used Wordpad) with KJD. find ;B[] replace with ;B[tt] find ;W[] replace with ;W[tt] After it you use "Insert pass" (from Edit menu) in Drago to choose a tenuki branch. It works. Best regards Jiri Cizl, Prague, Czech Republic

reply ((no subject)) (2011-02-24 07:25) [#8337]

Try Josekipedia: [ext] http://www.josekipedia.com/

It supports setting up positions such as the one you described.

reply ((no subject)) (2011-02-24 20:06) [#8338]

Anonymous: In Japan the word joseki is used to mean "standard way to play" sometimes as opposed to the joseki dictionary of corner sequences. What you are referring to fits more the standard way to play meaning rather than a sequence of moves that results in an approximately equal result locally. The moves you are talking about are really dependent on the whole-board situation and hence aren't likely to be found in joseki dictionaries.

There are some sources, though:

1. Data bases of pro games, where you can search for the position. Then you can also examine the surrounding area to see under what circumstances the moves were used.

2. there are two books, Takemiya's Enclosure Josekis and Iwamoto's Keshi and Uchikomi, that have a lot of this information. Unfortunately Takemiya's book is out of print, but the Iwamoto book is still available from Slate and Shell, I think.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2013-10-23 04:24) [#9878]

Bill: There are certainly joseki for playing in or near a corner where the opponent already has two stones, whether you call it an enclosure or not. :)

reply ((no subject)) (2013-10-21 10:37) [#9877]

Zengarden Takemiya's "Enclosure Josekis" is available through the Kiseido Digital Bookshelf series see [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?KiseidoDigitalBookshelf.

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