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Edit conflict: Discrimination in Go [#2368]

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ArnoHollosi: Edit conflict: Discrimination in Go (2010-08-25 06:53) [#7916]

I have been contacted by email, claiming that tapir's edit on Discrimination in Go (turning it into a forum) was an "extensive unilateral modification" of the page "to conform to his view of the matter".

As I don't believe in discussing such things off-site I thought I bring it here. How do others feel about the edit?

isd: Re: Edit conflict: Discrimination in Go (2010-08-25 10:38) [#7917]

I don't think that tapir has imposed a viewpoint through his modification to the page. However the page is quite unfocused. At the moment it's a mire of many arguments.

tapir: Re: Edit conflict: Discrimination in Go (2010-08-25 17:24) [#7929]

For clarification:

As is obvious from my edits I strongly object
1. the positions expressed by several of editors on the page, and by velobici in particular and
2. the presentation of this opinion under the guise of what I would term a pseudo-scientific style

I however took pains not to remove any controversial part, but to turn everything in a forum. I did not manage to do it with everything, because the matters are obviously complicated, some entries involving several of them simultaneously. This is not meant as discrimination between parts moved to forum and parts still left on the main page (due to difficulty in breaking it up to different topics) to be moved later.

I propose the forum mode as this will leave everyone with even resources, not allowing a framing by suggestive summaries and similar means.

velobici: Re: Edit conflict: Discrimination in Go (2010-08-25 19:34) [#7935]

Possibly relevant discussion: [ext]

velobici: ((no subject)) (2010-08-25 17:53) [#7931]

Good opportunity to remove extensive discussion from the main page and start again, hopefully with greater insight into the matter.

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