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reply Suggestions - editing branches / score estimation (2010-04-21 14:48) [#7664]


First of all I want to thank the author(s) of eidogo. I use a lot everyday to replay pro games, check josekis, play a game with GNUGo, record SGF of games I play irl, etc. Eidogo is to me the best thing that appeared on the online go world these last years.

There are just in my opinion two major features that are missing for it to be the perfect tool :

  • editing branches : it would be very useful to be able to delete a branch. It is quite irritating when recreating a game that a misclick can't be undone. Or at least I couldn't find the way to do it. Moving a branch to the top or bottom would be great too.
  • using the score estimator on a branch. This is linked to my first point. The score estimator is not always right of course but still amazingly good. It is too bad that it only works with the main branch though. Again, a misclick in the recreation of a game and it cannot be used. Of course editing branches would be a workaround to this issue. But it would be very nice if the score estimation could be applied to the board currently displayed, whatever the position in the variation tree.

Again, thanks a lot for the great work.

reply Can sometimes remove a branch (2010-04-21 18:41) [#7665]

I agree -- EidoGo is brilliant!.

w.r.t. removal of whole branches -- I have a partial answer on my page at


where I say (hopefully correctly):

Remove Black/White stones, or variations -- DANGEROUS: Use Tools Black/White stone, then click on an existing stone.

   * If the stone is the current move, then you will be warned "You've removed all properties from this position. Delete this position, and all sub-positions? OK? Cancel?". Beware -- answering "OK" will remove all the rest of that branch/variation, including all sub-trees/sub-variations from then onwards.
   * If the stone is not the current move then the deleted move/stone will no longer be displayed when the current move is current again. However, it is still in the game-record, and will appear, as usual, at all other points in the game record.

It seems that you cannot permanently remove moves in the middle of a variation, or game-record. However, you can remove the stones.

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