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topazg: Tiebreaks (2010-03-25 12:59) [#7546]

We need to decide how to tiebreak players who are drawn at points where they crossover division splits (like 6th + 7th), as wins followed by losses is obviously insufficient.

My personal feelings is that "vs" has some widely accepted fairness value (i.e. whoever won their versus match), and with a single round robin will always successfully tiebreak the two players... are there any objections to this?

DrStraw: ((no subject)) (2010-03-25 13:11) [#7547]

Head-to-head for two people in never a problem and is usually best. This fails if there are three people in the tie break and they are 1-1 against one another. Is there potential for this to happen? If so, then I recommend that the lower ranked player takes precedence because he has done better relative to rank.

topazg: Re: ((no subject)) (2010-03-25 13:42) [#7550]

Ah, yes, A>B B>C C>A I'd forgotten about. This normally cannot be resolved by SOSOS and SODOS tiebreaks either. I think weaker player getting a performance reward is rather aesthetically pleasing if that seems acceptable to others.

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2010-03-25 13:31) [#7548]

A very good option, generally, is to have a play-off, but that will probably take too long unless it's done live, rather than turn based.

Another option is SODOS, which is used regularly in Round Robin, though it's a bit dubious IMO.

topazg: Re: ((no subject)) (2010-03-25 13:38) [#7549]

I agree, and I would be happy with LovroF choosing live tiebreaks if the players agree, but I could see it being logistically difficult - especially with timezone issues.

SODOS (or S/B for chess enthusiasts) I am equally happy with, but there is stronger discontent with this system in my experience than head to head.

DrStraw: ((no subject)) (2010-03-25 15:33) [#7551]

Ihave always been dissatisfied with SODOS. If your defeated opponent's did better so what? Why not use SOLOS - sum of opponent's you lost to (to lower the better)?

I think head-to-head is the only satisfactory option with two players. The three-player situation is also impractical for a live playoff because it requires each player to schedule and complete two games.

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