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reply conflicting opinions (2010-01-13 00:17) [#6922]
Joseki deviation  

Shaydwyrm: The 1-dan Joseki book (初段合格の定石150題) discusses this position in the introduction. It recommends that white simply extend to W3, and leave the position for now. If black wishes to exchange a for b, he still needs another move in the corner - the implication being that this makes the position good for white.

A bad result for white?  

Shaydwyrm: In other books however, this is listed as a poor result for white, since B2 is well placed. Does moving W3 to a really improve the result for white? Furthermore...

Helping black  

Shaydwyrm: This sequence, followed by white a black b, is listed as helping black make shape.

Good for white?  

Shaydwyrm: However, Tricks in Joseki lists this alternate continuation as good for white. The two books, both first published in 2001, seem to evaluate W1 entirely differently. I find it hard to believe that the authors missed the alternative continuations, but I'm not quite sure what to make of the difference.

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