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Time instead of Stone Handicap? [#2129]

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reply Time instead of Stone Handicap? (2010-01-07 18:17) [#6905]

I was wondering if there was an equivalent time handicap instead of stones or points. For instance, perhaps a 3 dan could play with 15 seconds byo-yomi against a 2 dan with 20 seconds, creating a roughly even game. I doubt such a thing exists yet - I suppose I'm more curious if anyone had given it any thought, I couldn't find a page on sensei's about it.

tapir: Re: Time instead of Stone Handicap? (2010-01-07 22:20) [#6909]

I remembered something and found it again here:

"The dojo has a league also. Each of the students competes. The stronger a player is, the fewer games they have to play. Two different time limit rules are used in the league games. There is a longer time limit where each player has a minute to move, and hayago where the players are given just 10 seconds to make a move. There is no time limit, so any given player can play 1 or 10 games in one day. The league also has a rating system. The ratings are based on the players' winning percentages. There is a handicap, but one that was very different than the orthodox system of allowing the opponent to place the number of stones to the difference in rank. The stronger player gets 10 seconds less in their time for every number difference in rank. There is also a reverse komi rule. 0 komi, 3 komi, 5 komi, and 8 komi.[26]" (from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cho_Chikun)

But this only works with short time limits to begin with.

Regards Tapir.

reply Time instead of Stone Handicap? (2010-02-11 09:01) [#7223]

I don't know

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