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isd: Picture sizes (2009-11-23 16:50) [#6603]

Is there a way of altering the size a picture will display at? I came across a photo of Andrew Grant teaching Go and wanted to add it to his homepage. However the photo is far too big to put there.

It's from the publicity section [ext] http://www.britgo.org/importfiles/press/pics/th1.jpg

HermanHiddema: Re: Picture sizes (2009-11-23 17:12) [#6604]

No, there is no way to alter the size of an image directly in SL. You will have to either resize it yourself and upload it to an image hosting service, or upload it to an image host that resizes for you.

There is a smaller version available though, at: [ext] http://www.britgo.org/importfiles/press/pics/th1s.jpg

Is that one of a size more to your liking? Re: Picture sizes (2009-11-23 17:48) [#6605]

Yes Herman, I think that one would be good to use. I understand Andrew did quite a lot of teaching, so this one would be good to include. Thanks.

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