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damien: Page for seeking local players (2009-09-28 18:55) [#6423]

I know there is a page for local clubs, but I was wondering if a page where individual users could look for other local players to meet up with would be a good idea.

Example post: Damien here, seeking any and all Go players in the (insert city/state or zip code) area. Contact me via KGS, username "damien750," or via email, "istinkatgo@notreal.com"

I think this may be useful for networking players in smaller towns with no club available. For example, the nearest Go club in my state is a 4 hour drive away.

If I get positive answers here, I will create said page.

reply Page for seeking go players (2009-09-29 15:58) [#6426]

Zengarden Damien: I think this would be an excellent idea. The AGA e-magazine has a similar facility and I presume it gets Go players together in the US. I live and work in London and would certainly use this facility to find players, for example, to have a game over the lunch break or during week-ends. In the UK, there is only the BGA website which limits its "contact lists" to Go clubs rather than individual players. I found my Go club (south London) through the BGA site which is unfortunately a car drive from where I live; your site would offer a way of identifying players in my local area of London, so I would definitely be a user!

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