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reply Commented Kyu Games (2009-08-16 13:44) [#6311]

A common question I hear asked (often because I myself am also asking it!) amongst weaker players like me is

"Where can we study fully commented 5kyu-1kyu games? There are hundreds of commented Pro games, but they're waaaaaay too deep for me - I haven't a clue what's going on in them!"

I used to assume there just plain weren't any, but the amount of people who agree with me leads me to post this question here. Is there any collection of these? Can anyone help?


fractic: Re: Commented Kyu Games (2009-08-16 13:52) [#6312]

[ext] The Go teaching ladder is what you are looking for. You can get your own games reviewed there too!

ZenGarden: Commented games (2009-08-16 22:13) [#6314]


I've just bought a new book (self-published by one of the British Go Association organisers, Neil Moffatt) called "Games of Go: a dozen fully commented games of go". It comments move by move, games played on the KGS, ranging from 18 K vs 20 K to 8 dan vs 7 dan. It's available on Amazon at a reasonable price and is nicely produced.

I am relatively new to the game, about 10-9k currently, and have found it a useful commentary. Sometime the comments can be rather obvious (e.g. where he is commenting move by move in a forced sequence) but overall it is a nice book to have around while travelling as the one diagram per move format avoids the need to carry a Goban.

Otherwise you might subscribe to Go World which is the best resource I know of on contemporary Go.

Have fun!

X Re: Commented games (2009-10-23 17:52) [#6479]

Zen Garden, Hi. I am the author of 'Games of Go'. I am glad the book was of value, and thank you for mentioning it here. I was wondering if you would be happy to add a review to Amazon?

I am currently writing a Go book that is the result of a sustained analysis of 10-20k Go play. I am aiming to cover as thoroughly the typical weaknesses that hold them back. It will illustrated via real game examples, with alternative play of course. The provisional title is 'Go by example'. Re: Commented games (2009-11-21 11:12) [#6598]

Zengarden Neil Many thanks for the message: apologies for not replying earlier but I didn't check this SL entry for ages! I'd be happy to add a review of your book on Amazon. I'll try to do this over the week-end. I think your book fills an important lacuna in Go literature, i.e. really detailed commentaries on games almost move by move. I find these types of books the greatest help in understanding Go, so I look forward to your next book!

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