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reply USF Go CLub (2009-07-31 17:15) [#6271]


My name is Brett and i am creating a Go club here at USF Tampa. I was wondering if you were still interested in playing, Or joining the club on campus. There are may great places to meet here and because i am a student i have access to many private spots to hold meetings. Once I obtain a few more members I plan to get the club officially created with AGA qualifications, and USF will aknowlede us as an official USF club. For more info go to [ext]



JFR: ((no subject)) (2009-10-17 17:25) [#6456]

I just graduated with my MLIS (Master's in Library and Information Science) from USF. I went there for 5 years before that getting a BFA (Fine Arts). I filled out all the paperwork and tried to get people to come to a Go club but it just never got off the ground. I am very excited to see that you have started one! I look forward to attending you club. I have recently started a club that meets Sunday afternoons and I hope you can make it. Check here for status updates : [ext]

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