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Playing strength of Many Faces of Go 11 and 12 [#1896]

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reply Playing strength of Many Faces of Go 11 and 12 (2009-07-13 10:11) [#6213]


What is the playing strength of Many Faces of Go, set at the highest level? Both with regard to Version 11 and Version 12. Has anyone tried to calculate what it might be, apart from the software manufacturer?

X Re: Playing strength of Many Faces of Go 11 and 12 (2009-11-03 15:29) [#6517]

I'm 9 kyu on KGS and I can easily beat MFGO 11 at 10/10 skill, usually by at least 20 points while playing as white receiving no komi. It can win by a few points when I give it a 4 stone handicap. Therefor, I'd say MFGO 11 is definitely not stronger than 10 kyu, and probably it's around 12 kyu (when you run it at your computer, that is - maybe it's stronger on KGS when it's being run from a dedicated machine).

Calling it "about 8 kyu" (as the author does; [ext] http://www.smart-games.com/manyfaces11.html ) is a bit exaggerated, but then there's also financial interest in this, so...

I don't know about version 12 though. I doubt it's really 2 kyu when you play against it on your computer but I haven't actually tried it.

reply Many Faces of Go 12 rank (2009-09-10 20:31) [#6374]

Version 12 plays rated games on KGS. Version 12 is currently 2 kyu in slow games and 1 dan in fast 19x19 games. You can visit KGS and check the ratings of ManyFaces (slow games) and ManyFaces1 (fast games). Version 12 is under development with frequenct updates, so the current KGS rating is probably higher.

Version 11 would probably be between 5 and 8 kyu on KGS.

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