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reply Suggestion for tracking results (2005-11-29 14:05) [#559]

For the purpose of tracking one similar tournament we developed web site on [ext] There is also more descriptive announcement on dragon forum. Right now we try to start one tournament for testing purposes for everyone interested (more info about it on our forum), but also it can track any tournament already held, in progress, or yet to be. So feel free to visit, comment, suggest...

trafalmadorian: ((no subject)) (2005-12-01 12:20) [#580]

Some nice ideas : allows to see all the games in the tournament (games menu) and a rating table with the current results (table menu). Does not take into account tournaments with several rounds though. Also, the site lacks "documentation" and "FAQ" sections.

reply ((no subject)) (2005-12-01 21:12) [#596]

Thanks for looking at the site and making comments, as for mentioned issues to demonstrate how multi-rounds tournament work we will enter DragonTourney2005 (pool 2 is already in, pool 1 is in progress, when all participants for finals are known we will enter it also) so you can see tournament hierarchies. It is true it lacks documentation, we will write it as soon as possible, but right now our emphasize is on features and bug tracking (that is why we are creating test tournament), for now documentation will be in form of prompt response to any posted question :) In short, work on site is planned in a way that one person is assigned per tournament round to moderate it (enter participants, games, settings, resolve dispute...), while others have only permissions to browse data (and there is allways forum if someone have something to say) If you have any other questions, suggestions, comments... feel free to send here or via forum on our site.

trafalmadorian: ((no subject)) (2005-12-04 00:03) [#674]

Thanks for entering our tournament as a proof of concept. It looks nice. You are doing a good job with your site.

As for documentation: of course I understand your point, features are more important! I was rather thinking maybe of a small guide of 1 page. One does not see what one has to do to create and manage a tournament on your site. For one who just pops in, this is not obvious.

Personally, there is just one issue that i see (compared to our 2005 organization): it seems all the management job falls on the back of one single person (the moderator), while here on SL, any number of people could share the workload. But I cannot really tell if the tournament management is a lot of work on your site.

reply ((no subject)) (2005-12-06 12:43) [#691]

Today we put new menu Articles and there is short tutorial about setting up a tournament on our site. As for managing tournament it is more or less automatic if played on dragon, but some things still must manually be entered if needed (like situation what happend on DragonTourney2005 with player lefting tournament and resigning all games)

trafalmadorian: ((no subject)) (2005-12-06 16:20) [#692]

Thank you, this is exactly what I meant. You are very reactive.

Walin: DragonTourney2006 (2005-12-06 20:44) [#693]

I think this would be prefect for DT2006. It does look like there'll be 2-3 pools in open and 2 in handicap one. Now the question is who wants/gets/has to administrate the DT2006 :)

trafalmadorian: ((no subject)) (2005-12-07 09:09) [#694]

If we choose to use this system, we could ask for an administrator login, and share it among several people, so that we could split the work. I'm ready to help. For example, I could manage one of the pools.

trafalmadorian: ((no subject)) (2006-02-09 14:29) [#1005]

It looks like there are currently 3 places for keeping track of the tournament status and results : 1. The SL main tournament page 2. the SL "Links" sub-page 3. [ext]

The 3d place is certainly the nicest by far. Unfortunately (but logically), none of those places is up to date.

I would suggest to drop 1 and 2, and to concentrate only on 3. Maybe it is too much work for one single administrator though. If so, maybe we could give the password to each participant, who could enter his games by himself in the system. It seems that once the game reference is entered, the system keeps track of the result by itself.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2006-02-09 14:34) [#1006]

I like using SL actually :)

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