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reply Cyberoro status (2009-05-13 19:53) [#6039]

I've successfully registered an account with Cyberoro, but was never e-mailed my password, so I can't log on. I then e-mailed one of the admins for help, but never recieved a response. It's been about five days now. Does anyone know what the server status is?

thanatos13: Re: Cyberoro status (2009-05-13 20:01) [#6041]

I remembered being bored and tried to join around 3-4 days ago, but it had a malicious something and firefox told me not to go. It's fine now, i think, full of korean text. did you try again today? Re: Cyberoro status (2009-05-13 20:12) [#6042]

Well, I they never sent me a password, so there's no way I can get in.

reply Cyberoro (2009-09-25 17:37) [#6416]


I have the same problem. I register an account on their english webpage, then a page is displayed after the registration process which is complete gibberish, probably in some asian language I have not even installed.

I never received a password. I tried to email their support address but never got a response.

any ideas ?

tapir: Re: Cyberoro (2009-09-25 18:11) [#6417]

try to share someone else's account, try another server, write them a letter in korean or japanese... there is plenty of complaint on godiscussions about it, and a little on sl, one guy wrote he got an account by machine translating his request for a password after registration. i wrote an email in english and was ignored...

i will try the japanese / korean account creation next time with a friend. maybe this way works.

reply ((no subject)) (2009-09-30 10:46) [#6430]

I google-translated my password request email 5 days ago : still no answer.

reply ((no subject)) (2009-10-16 23:42) [#6452]

Have you checked your spam filter? Often these things get caught in anti-spam filters.

reply ((no subject)) (2009-10-18 00:28) [#6457]

I now tried to register with at lease 5 different email addresses. I have no spam filters.

I never received any answer even after trying to reach their support or requesting an account in japanese (machine translated).

I gave up.

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2009-10-18 02:26) [#6458]

try to ask someone chinese/japanese/korean speaking to fill the forms in those languages or find someone who has an unused surplus account. it is the same problem with all of us. Re: ((no subject)) (2009-10-20 01:50) [#6473]

The Asian-version of the registration page asks for a social security number. I tried to fill with random numbers but its always refused.

reply ((no subject)) (2009-10-20 02:01) [#6474]

This is the Japanese message we get after completing the "english" registration process.

ページエラー ページでエラーが発生したため、正しく表示できません。 お手数ですが、下記のサポートセンターまでご連絡下さい。



E-Mail : support@taikyokumail.nihonkiin.or.jp 電話:03-3288-8538(平日・土曜:10:00-17:00、祝日は除く)



google translated :

Error Page Due to an error page can not display correctly. Cross your fingers, please contact our support center below.

The Okakeitashimashi the inconvenience

Support Center for a game net

E-Mail: support@taikyokumail.nihonkiin.or.jp Tel :03-3288-8538 (weekdays 10:00 Saturday-17: 00, excluding public holidays)

※ Please be careful not apologize for mistakes.

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I sent an email in english and japanese to this address : no answers.

reply www.wbaduk.com (2009-10-24 23:25) [#6482]
  • I found a solution !
  • Connect to www.wbaduk.com and the registration process works !
reply ((no subject)) (2009-11-01 09:51) [#6514]

cyberoro transformed in www.wbaduk.com .they also have a new client suposed to work starting with november.I have an old acount but log in didn't work.I supose there are some adjustements to do with their new formula. nevermind.it works already

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