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(Resolved) off-by-one error in right-leaning diagrams [#1744]

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reply (Resolved) off-by-one error in right-leaning diagrams (2009-04-16 22:12) [#5804]

I've discovered what I think is a slight bug in the go diagram generator. If you request coordinates, and don't give a left edge of the board, the coordinates you get are off by one. For example,

the right-most edge should have coordinate T, but has coordinate S instead  

It's very consistent, even at sizes smaller than 9 (i.e. below the 'I' coordinate that doesn't exist).

ArnoHollosi: fixed (2009-04-15 23:04) [#5917]

Fixed. Thanks for the report.

Please note that faulty diagrams have not been recreated, so you may encounter wrong coordinates. To fix this, you need to change the diagram (e.g. add a letter,) save, edit again and undo your change and save again.

I will probably recreate all 34000+ diagrams of SL within the next month.

coordinate now T again  
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