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tapir: Go pages on the net (2009-01-06 23:34) [#5581]

In the discussion on how to improve SL, we are somehow assuming SL is in a crisis. Still important, but declining edits and pageviews. I took a look at comparing major go websites, (71% SL, 29% GTL),, and - and got a different impression.

xmp / kgs: xmp is slowly but steadily falling behind in visits (around the same in page views)

xmp / godiscussions: godiscussions seems to decline as well

xmp / goproblems: while xmp is way ahead in visits, goproblems has a lot more pageviews (as people are clicking through lots of problems) - but it is declining faster than xmp

They seem to share the same users, because a burst in activity in one of them (xmp, godiscussions, goproblems) coincides with a low in the other one. KGS and SL generally correlate quite well, with xmp/SL falling steadily behind.

So, I share this with you, instead writing sth more important... yours tapir.

ArnoHollosi: and a funny search result (2009-01-09 17:38) [#5622]

Instead of Alexa you can also try Slightly different numbers there (SL is ahead of KGS ?!). It just goes to show that all go sites have too little reach to have accurate numbers - even if they are presumably among the 250000 most visited sites on the web.

While surfing I found an interesting search:

What do you think is the number one hit on Google for "getting something stuck in your nose"?


HermanHiddema: Re: and a funny search result (2009-01-09 17:50) [#5623]

hahahaha, that's brilliant :-D

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