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reply ABP (2005-11-16 19:52) [#500]

Trying to access a blocked page from a public computer. tried several proxy pages along with a few other methods. havn't been able to find anything yet. any suggestions would be greatly apreciated.

ArnoHollosi: Re: ABP (2005-11-17 09:20) [#504]

What is a blocked page? What are proxy pages? What is the exact error message? If it says something about "referrer" read the AccessBlocked page.

X Re: ABP (2009-10-27 23:05) [#6500]

i had the same when i tried to use my bookmark to: [ext] . my guess is that it is meant to repell spam-bots and their friends. i'm not convinced that this is the proper technical answer, though.

ArnoHollosi: Re: ABP (2009-10-28 06:16) [#6501]

I've recently started to log referrer and user agent information to come up with alternatives. A preliminary check shows that the referrer check is quite effective and that other measures will not be easy to find. I am thinking about a better way to handle the user experience though.

Meanwhile, all you need to do is set a cookie - see bottom of AccessBlocked page.

reply Sevinch (2015-04-05 18:24) [#10447]


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