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HermanHiddema: (Request) Aligning diagrams (2009-01-03 13:58) [#5470]

Is it possible to add to the diagram format so that the diagram image can be aligned to the right?

I think it would improve the look and feel of pages if diagrams could be interspersed more naturally through the article, much as they are in go books and article.

ArnoHollosi: not sure about this one (2009-01-03 21:08) [#5489]

Herman, I'm not sure about this one and about the request for left/right breaks.

HTML floats have the nasty habit of producing undesired effects when used with different window sizes and screen resolutions. That's why I opted for having diagrams only on the left and always doing a clear=all.

Actually, there is quite some logic in the HTML and the wiki engine to only produce breaks when they are needed, but still work with all browsers back to IE4. That's the reason for the "twisted" DIV elements in the HTML.

I would not want to touch this, only to have diagrams right aligned as well.

Maybe, I could get rid of some cruft and assume that everyone has to have FF2+, IE6+, Opera8+ and Safari2+. I mainly test with FF3 right now so changing this core layout element is much work with (at least to me) little benefit.

HermanHiddema: Re: not sure about this one (2009-01-04 13:18) [#5503]

I don't think it is very important to have this, but since you mentioned the possibility that "SL is lacking all the fancy bells and whistles of new style web sites and looks a little bit frumpy for todays web population." in the metadiscussion, I thought I'd throw out some suggestions on things that might improve the look of SL without going overboard (no fancy AJAX, etc).

I think it is safe to assume IE6 as the worst case browser. According to theCounter.com ([ext] http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2008/December/browser.php) statistics for 2008, 0.3% of hits is from IE5 and about 0.03% from IE4.

So both of these are more suggestions than requests, and I should perhaps have tagged them as such :)

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