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HermanHiddema: (Request) tables (2009-01-02 17:02) [#5455]

Is it possible to extend the wiki markup to allow tables? Right now, I make tables by using fixed width text (lines starting with a space), but it would be nice if real html tables could be added. Formatting in fixed width text can be quite a hassle, especially if the data contains links (and thus non-rendering characters like []), and the fixed width font does not look as nice as the normal font.

See EGC for an example of a page that I think could really benefit from tables :-)

Unkx80: Seconded (2009-01-02 20:14) [#5459]

I think this feature would be nice. Actually, I think a good way is to implement table functionality as a special template, although some extension to the template syntax might be needed.

ArnoHollosi: done (2009-01-03 20:36) [#5486]

See special:table template.

Unkx80: Thanks! (2009-01-03 20:46) [#5487]

Very nice, thanks! And very quick too!

Unkx80: rowspan, colspan? (2009-01-03 20:59) [#5488]

Any support for rowspan, colspan?

ArnoHollosi: Re: rowspan, colspan? (2009-01-03 21:10) [#5490]

Not right now. I have actually waited for a request, as I have no idea for a good wiki syntax for this feature. Same goes for aligning cells (the next request, I'm sure)

ArnoHollosi: rowspan, colspan -> done (2009-01-04 11:02) [#5500]

Done. See special:table template for information.

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2009-01-04 13:02) [#5502]

Wonderful, works great!

fractic: borders (2009-01-04 13:48) [#5504]

I find tables without borders a bit hard to look at. The text of different columns sometimes looks like it's stuck together. But I also think that having the borders arround individual cells looks a bit strange when there is empty cells (see EGC). Could we have lines drawn between the cells as a separator? Think LaTeX style tables.

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