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HermanHiddema: (Resolved) Bigger edit field (2009-01-03 21:13) [#5454]

Could the textarea on the edit field be made bigger? The space available often feels rather cramped.

I presume that the current size was chosen when a resolution of 800x600 was still the most common, but with the current resolutions of computer screens, I think it can be a bit bigger. If it fits on 1024x768, it should be fine

Screen resolution statistics for 2008: [ext] http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2008/December/res.php

EDIT: For comparison, here are the statistics from november 2000, when SL was first opened to the public: [ext] http://www.thecounter.com/stats/2000/November/res.php

Unkx80: User preferences (2009-01-02 19:29) [#5456]

You can set the size of the text area in user preferences. Re: User preferences (2009-01-02 19:41) [#5457]

Argh. How did I miss that? :-)

Unkx80: Re: User preferences (2009-01-02 20:01) [#5458]

Arno, given that the screen resolutions are getting bigger, I think you can set the default text size to be larger than what it is now.

ArnoHollosi: done (2009-01-03 11:55) [#5465]

I have changed the default size from 65x20 to 80x25. Users having changed the size previously have to update their UserPreferences manually.

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