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(Resolved) Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate [#1670]

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Unkx80: (Resolved) Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2009-04-16 22:12) [#5441]

Hi Arno,

Both [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?UnsolvedProblems and [ext] http://senseis.xmp.net/?diff=UnsolvedTemplate resulted in the same error:

Fatal error: Class 'SearchTemplate?' not found in /home/www/senseis.xmp.net/private_html/lib/transform/specialpages.php on line 126

Apparently tapir was trying out something, but triggered some bug instead.

tapir: Re: Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2008-12-30 22:32) [#5442]

I wondered that the added unsolved problems didn't show up, added an additional "unsolved" search request beneath the "Unsolved" request. Later I undid the unsolved template page, but those search requests still fail.

I feel so incompetent. I can't solve those problems, but even fail flagging them as unsolved... ;)

fwiffo: Re: Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2009-04-06 18:11) [#5903]

I'm getting this error on Unsolved Problems right now, was it not resolved or has it come back?

tapir: Re: Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2009-04-06 18:15) [#5904]

Did you add new unsolved templates?

fwiffo: Re: Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2009-04-06 18:34) [#5905]

I'm not entirely sure what that means, so I have to assume I did not.

Unkx80: Re: Bug involving UnsolvedTemplate (2009-04-06 18:59) [#5906]

Apparently Arno didn't resolve this problem, and then I totally forgot about it.

ArnoHollosi: fixed. (2009-04-15 23:09) [#5918]

Thanks for the report.

You may have to force a reload on the page to see the bug disappear.

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