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ArnoHollosi: (Resolved) Consecutive edits (2008-07-05 10:57) [#4845]

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Malcolm Is this a bug? I made a new page yesterday, l'ame du go. After several edits it's now on about version 10. However it doesn't show up on Recent changes. Not a serious bug of course, but it's not the first time I've noticed this happening.

Arno: you marked your edits as minor edits. This is why they don't show up, unless you select a view of RecentChanges that shows minor edits ("FRC" in default case.) Presumably, you corrected some typo and selected minor edit. Read the text next to the minor edit box in case of a re-edit - it tells you about this behaviour, it says:

Attention: the setting is also applied to your initial edit! You should keep major edits as major edits.

Malcolm (07-12-16) However, if I recall correctly, some of my edits were not marked as minor edits. I alternated between major and minor edits of the page. So perhaps it is a bug?

unkx80: If you made a series of consecutive edits to a page, only the minor/major edit setting of the last edit matters. Is that not what you get?

Malcolm That must be what happens. I didn't expect it to work that way. It seems strange, as minor edits can then hide major ones.

Arno: well, the reason is that your consecutive edits only produce one version in the history (see the page's history.) As only one version is stored in the database, only one setting of minor/major edit is associated with it (which is the last one.) It is this way as many people have the habit of saving a page, detecting an error, editing again etc. Actually, whenever you see that there is a gap in the version numbering in a page's history that is what actually happened. E.g. the page you mentioned (l'ame du go) has only versions 4 and 14 stored in the DB. I.e. you edited it 4 times in a row and later on (next day) 10 times in a row. Note that this "last edit counts" is not only true for minor edit, but for the summary line as well.

Malcolm Thanks Arno, I understand now. As this is perhaps not intuitive behaviour, I think that this should be explained somewhere. So, for want of a better place, I'll put your explanation in a new page: Consecutive edits. It might be good to put a link to this page on the edit page.

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