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*.gmx -> SGF format conversion, added sample [#146]

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tderz: *.gmx -> SGF format conversion, added sample (2005-11-09 09:29) [#413]

Dear All,

How to transform the *.gmx format to SGF?

I have re-found some GoMaximizer? files of mine and would like to replay them with my SGF replayer.

Any suggestions?

Greetings, Tommie

The format looks like this (I do not want to infringe copyright here, yet are not sure what I can leave out, hence I took out names & commentary):

~N v. K "W1 "W2 N "B1 "B2 K

  1. W 0198 0060
  2. B 0199 0205 0111

0 commentary 1 commentary1 2 commentary2, 3 commentary3 4 commentary4. 5 6 commentary5 7 commentary6. 8 9 A B C D E F G H I J K L

$W61 $B62 ^B00 f17 o17 r6 f3 m17 o15 m15 h17 f15 h15 j16 h16 g13 l16 m16 k14 l14 k13 p14 o14 o13 n13 p13 n14 l13 n12 l12 l15 k17 k15 m14 k12 k11 h12 g12 h11 m11 n11 n10 p11 o10 p12 r13 q9 r11 p10 p8 q8 q7 p7 p6 o7 o8 n8 o9 r10 g11 h10 h13 j13 o6 n7 n6 l7 k8 m6 k7 g10 k6 m5 o4 m3 n3 m2 k3 p3 m4 n5 p4 n4 o3 k4 j4 l4*

  • m4

h3 q5 q6 p2 s4 o2 s8 s9 r8 s12 r12 s11 q17 s13 s14 p18 n18 s3 s5 s15 r14 s17 q18 t14 s18 t18 s19 o18 r15 n17 s16 m18 l17 j17 k16 j15 g8 e10 d15 c15 d14 c14 c13 d17 d12 c11 b13 f18 e8 f11 e16 e17 c16 b16 e18 d18 f12 d3 n2 n1 c3 r3 t4 c4 c5 b4 e3 d2 c2 e2 b5 j5 e4 h4 g4 j3*

  • j4

g3 j9 l8 h7 h6 g5 g6 j6 h8 f6 f4 g7 f7 h5*

  • h6+
  • g6

j8 e13 e11 f10 e14 g17 c9 &No further moves known. &Result: a tie.

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