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ArnoHollosi: Talk pages (2005-11-06 17:00) [#366]

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DrStraw: With all the discussion about SL2 it seems that Arno has started to implement talk pages. If a description or details exists I guess I missed it. Is it there? If not, we need answers to the following questions:

  1. How do they work?
  2. What are the rules for their use?
  3. How are we to enforce the policy that all talk is in these pages and not on the main page?
  4. Are we going to inplement restrictions on what can be on the main page?
  5. What is the process for converting existing discussion pages (I assume Arno is not doing it all manually)?

Any other questions anyone wants to add?

ArnoHollosi: Re: Talk pages (2005-11-06 17:00) [#367]

Arno: (1) first rough guide can be found at HowForumsWork. (2) Rules: basically the WikiEtiquette (be nice, Go related). (3) is done by editing (moving content) - sooner or later everybody learns what the right place is. (4) left to SL2 disucssion, will be different for different domains (5) I assume it has to be done manually, unless people think it is ok to move all discussion-subpages into the forums. I think some manual editing, deleting, etc. may be a good thing.

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