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Cheating on KGS? [#135]

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reply Cheating on KGS? (2005-11-06 15:38) [#360]

Good day.

I was playing a very good game last night. (and lost by 50.5 moku) An observer was watching when we calculated the score. My opponent left and I went to check my record. It seems the win was given to the observer, instead of my opponent. I think he marked dead stones differently?

Are there ways one can be 'taken advantage of'?

I can post my SGF if anyone could help.

  • Hopefully, I'll only lose by 45 moku next time!


DrStraw: ((no subject)) (2005-11-06 16:35) [#361]

I replied to you using KGS message. The details do not need to be saved here.

reply ((no subject)) (2005-11-06 19:42) [#407]

Arigato gozaimasu

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