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KeonWooLim: image to sgf (2022-11-13 13:32) [#12159]

Hi, every Go nut!

I think, by now, there should be a program that can automatically convert an image file like GIF, JPEG, or PDF to an SGF kifu file. If I am going too far behind, please let me know how I can get the program. Or, let us discuss how to make it as fast as we can. OK?

xela: ((no subject)) (2022-11-13 05:20) [#12160]

Here's a first attempt: [ext]

I did this is a hobby project, and don't have time to improve it or make it easier to use. But I'm very happy for other people to copy and modify my code.

I'm also surprised there aren't any widely used programs for this task yet.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2022-11-13 13:08) [#12161]

I just don't know what to say to you. Thank you very much!

KeonWooLim: Dear xela, (2022-11-13 13:34) [#12162]

I love you 3000!

KeonWooLim: Great but NOT GOAT (2022-11-13 20:16) [#12163]

I tested xela's code. It was wonderful, but not so useful for my purposes.

It cannot recognize numbered stones. It cannot recognize colored Go boards correct. It cannot recognize segmented Go boards correct.

Many thanks to xela. And we still need to work harder on the code. I need more help. Please help us to develop the GOAT codes.

Thanks to all Go nuts!

xela: ((no subject)) (2022-11-13 22:53) [#12165]

Thanks for taking a look at the code, and for your positive comments. I hope a few more people will get interested, and someone will have the necessary skills and time to take it to the next level!

KeonWooLim: We are very near to the solutions. (2022-11-16 10:46) [#12167]

I learned that LizzieYZY has reached to the solution almost perfectly except that it still ignores the numbered stones. I heard the source codes are free to download. But I don't know how. If anyone knows how to download the source codes, please let me know. I'd prefer the Python files, but C++ would be fine, too.

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