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velobici: Chinese Go Terms (2005-11-02 16:46) [#319]

Thank you for converting all the pinyin from numbers to the correct diacritical marks and adding new terms. I wanted to make sure that all the new terms appeared on each of the pages (ippoji for instance). Unforunately, adding the new terms and changing the marks appear in a single diff...can you tell me what terms you added so that I can update each of the referenced pages?

Unkx80: Re: Chinese Go Terms (2005-11-02 19:08) [#322]

Unfortunately I did not save the old database, and I don't quite remember what I have added.

Unkx80: Re: Chinese Go Terms (2005-11-06 20:37) [#408]

I think these are the terms that were added on 2005 November 1.

  • 治孤
  • 一方地
  • 大模样
  • 宽气
  • 教室
  • 有利
  • 正解
  • 点眼
  • 腾挪
  • 错小目
  • 错误
  • 顺序

Also, I took out 满 and replaced it with 满意.

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