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Is there a page that shows basically what people should know by level? [#1249]

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reply Is there a page that shows basically what people should know by level? (2007-12-20 18:51) [#4181]

I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this and my searches haven't really turned up anything.

I was curious to see what other people thought about the issue too.

For example:

By 25 Kyu, I believe that most every player should realize the corner, sides, then center paradigm for building territory. The student should also have a basic knowledge of life and death but may not be able to play it out on the board.

By 20 Kyu, I think snapbacks and some basic tesuji come into play. I also think that a person begins to understand life and death problems a bit more solidly.

By 15 Kyu, I think the student starts to get a real grip of some basic joseki but not a really thorough grip. The student should also start to realize that thickness is important but may still have a hard time utilizing it.

By 10 Kyu, I think a student has an idea on how to punish unreasonable invasions but still makes them themselves. The student probably still has some issues with how to deal with thickness and power. Most of the people I play in this range are fiercely territorial and make invasions that either shouldn't work or hurt their other territory.

By 5 Kyu, (this is about where my rank lies), I think a student just begins to see the direction of play and how to make thickness work together. Since this is about where my rank is, I think my biggest problem is with judging which is better.

Does this seem to be about on target? If so what would the other levels be for the 1Kyu/1Dan split? Does something change every point in the dan levels or do they simply just improve upon the above concepts.

char: Re: Is there a page that shows basically what people should know by level? (2007-12-20 19:16) [#4182]

There's one page that people discuss about those.

Rank And What You Know.

I am not sure if there are more pages on this topic or not.

ArnoHollosi: some more pages (2014-08-13 22:32) [#4183]

Maybe these are also of interest:

reply ((no subject)) (2007-12-21 16:14) [#4185]

Thank you for the help. I'm not sure why my searches didn't pop anything up readily.

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