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A new problem with diagrams that have all edges [#11445]

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jann: A new problem with diagrams that have all edges (2021-11-20 19:06) [#11954]

For a few days (?) diagrams with entire small boards show up incorrectly. Generated html seem to override the pixel dimensions with incorrect value (for height).

For example, on SpightRules 5x5 boards are stretched (even though they are square the override has different widths and heights). When overrides are removed in browser they show up correctly. Diagrams without right or bottom edge seem unaffected.

ArnoHollosi: fixed (2021-11-21 21:01) [#11956]

thanks for the report. Fixed.

jann: Re: fixed (2021-11-21 22:53) [#11957]

Thank you. I'm not sure if this should be visible immediately, but the above mentioned 5x5 boards are still sent with "width='119' height='142'" for me.

ArnoHollosi: Re: fixed (2021-11-22 06:51) [#11959]

Probably the page is still cached in your browser. If you do a reload (or force a hard reload) you should see the correct images.

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