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bugcat: convo on updating (2021-10-05 02:45) [#11884]

This article was last updated in 2012.

That seems pretty poor for a famous player who was only born in 1994. She became a professional in 2008, so our current coverage covers less than a fifth of her career.

I'm going to archive a few links, but what we really need is to bring in new content.

bugcat: Wikipedia article (2021-10-05 03:19) [#11885]

I thought that there'd be information on the [ext] Wikipedia article.

There is, sure, but not a lot of it, less than on Sensei's. Despite being created in 2017, the page doesn't really have any modern content, although we should be grateful for the heads up on her reaching 7p.

According to the Talk page, that article was created in 2017 as part of a wide movement to make more biographies of women. I don't see any of the usual WikiProject Go editors in the version history.

Also, the Wikipedia article claims that she made 6p in 2013, which is odd considering that her reaching 6p in 2012 was reported here in 2012. So some suspicion could also be reasonably exercised on the 7p 2015 date (which is unsourced) -- let's see whether we can double check that.

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