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2a02:810d:9040:22d0: Kang Peng on PWDO (2021-08-15 06:12) [#11800]


2a02:810d:9040:22d0: Re: Kang Peng on PWDO (2021-08-15 06:51) [#11803]

The Perfect Weiqi Database Online uses space between the family name and given name. The search engine on that website is not sophisticated enough to understand it when you search for 康鹏 (no space in-between).

It's worth trying to understand the playerlist query page [ext] Use google translate to understand the options.

The order from left to right: place of birth - professional association - ranks - status (active, retired, deceased, all)

Some problems:

  1. Some pros are listed under their amateur rank. Lv/Lyu/Lu Liyan (吕立言) listed under amateur 7d instead of his 5p pro rank.
  2. They don't differentiate Chinese and Taiwanese players.

Possibly other problems.

Off-topic, but hotlinking their images without permission is not good form imo.

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2021-08-15 07:41) [#11805]

Good point about spacing.

bugcat: no issue with images imo (2021-08-15 21:47) [#11807]

The most popular article with an inlined image from the PWD is Zhang Qiang, which has been up for 18 days with about 80 hits. That's less than 5 hits a day, a minute draw on their resources. The average hitrate is probably much less.

Images on Sensei's Library have to be accessed from external sites -- PWD, association sites, Wikipedia, the Internet Archive etc. Otherwise there would be no images on SL (besides diagrams).

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