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reply need nemesis.exe file (2007-07-31 12:00) [#3649]

Does anyone have a copy of Toyogo's nemesis.exe they could e-mail to me? That file is damaged on my original installation disk and Toyogo isn't able or willing to replace it. Version 4.7 is the one I purchased but if you have some other version of "Go Master + Joseki Genius + Tactical Wizard" that would be OK too. I enjoyed using it many years ago and now my son wants to learn but it won't install.


reply nemesis.exe (2010-07-16 10:28) [#7803]

If it is still of interest to You, Ive found this (ancient) go playing program on my computer. Ive translated it in german, named it go.exe and forget its original name Nemesis. If u still want to have it give me an eMail answer at


better it happens too late (3 years!!) as never!

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