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Idea: Diagrams with numbers over 10? [#1006]

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reply Idea: Diagrams with numbers over 10? (2007-06-07 19:07) [#3429]

Hello Arno and fellow deshi's,

Up until now, senseis has always been limited to at most the number 1-10 in diagrams. The reason for this is that any point on the board can thereby be marked with only one character, which is a good idea and I do not propose to change this. However, with what seems a fairly simple addition, we could greatly expand the power of diagrams. The idea is to inlcude a starting number in the first line of diagrams.

Right now, the first line looks like this:

$$B My Title

Which indicates that Black (B) starts and thus stones numbered 1,3,5,7,9 will be black (and stones 2,4,6,8,10 will be white).

What if we had the option to change this to:

$$B11 My Title

With the 11 directly after the B indicating the number of the starting stone. So now when we use 1 in a diagram, it will be a black stone marked 11, 2 will be a white stone marked 12, etc up to 0 being a white stone with 20 on it.

In this way longer games could start their diagrams with B11, B21, B31, etc for consecutive diagrams.

Using a number other than 11, 21, 31 etc would also work nicely. So if the diagrams starts with:

$$B17 My title

Then 7 results in a black stone with 17, 8 in a white stone with 18, but 4 results in a white stone with 24!

If this is implemented, it also requires a modification to the wiki code so that using B11 in text works correctly.

So Arno, do you think this is feasible? And do my fellow deshi's like this option? Let me know what you think!

Herman Hiddema (forgot to log in)

SteveKroon: New numbering system for diagrams (2007-06-08 07:48) [#3431]

Herman, this sounds like a good idea.

However, just one place I disagree with you: if the diagram begins with B17, I would expect 1 in the diagram itself to be labelled as move 17, 2 as 18, through to 9 being labelled 25, and 0 as 26.

As a computer science purist, I'd prefer the 0 to actually represent 17, but that would mess up all the other diagrams on SL, I expect ;)

HermanHiddema: Re: New numbering system for diagrams (2007-06-13 19:37) [#3451]

I would not mind if the system worked that way, I can adapt to either way. I think that my proposed system is slightly easier for those that are less computer literate

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