Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 35 / Solution to Variation 2


Solution, 1  
Solution, 2  

After W3 six black stones are in atari, so Black can't play under the stones and capture left of W3.

Attempts and comments

zelda91: Here is my idea:


After a move on a it can be considered dead at first point of view. Note that if black does a move at b white kills it, but the whole lives due to a ko catpuring tesuji. Therefore why shouldnt a same rule apply for white at a? Well it does:


After black 6 white will have a hard time to kill this area and will have to go through many ko's.
Malcolm: I may be missing somthing, but I think this is not right. White wins with 'b', see above.

zelda91: I guess im showing a ko variation, so don't do it people!

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