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I am 14 years old Singaporean who not really social.

Playing Go have me mock by classmates as they think it weird and laugh at me for being like an old man. I don't have the talent or play with as much passion as other. I play GO so as to become more flexible in life and of course the main reason is it is fun.

Recently, I have create a site with my friends.


feedback are welcome. but no spaming lol Hobby -Playing Go -read manga watch anime -sleeping - reading fanfic KGS

the site which help me to improve the most, I original strength increase from 28k to 20k during two years playing at OGS. then when I join this site to play real time GO, I improve from 20k to 12k. though think my strength should be 11k.


Looking at the entire board all the time, I not good at setting up my stone for strong shape. I make mistake thank to misread( a prove of my carelessness in GO and life) for 1/6 of the time. if you saw me making a mistake in a game against me, then cograte on the way as it mean it is usually a one that can stage a come back for you. Not knowing any proper joseki and had hard time to solve Life and Death make me weak. I don't never hold back though there time when I do hesitate to place move that do not grant victory in ranked. I do wish for victory in every game. even against SDK which is impossible. I usually think even when my opponent is thinking.


don't have one maybe one of the reason that I progressing slow.




well shiori is the first person I really wish to play as there this one time that my opponent told me she is quite strong. then play her not really meet up to my expectation, but still interest me. not sure why. her strength in Go improve faster than me and thing she can beat me already if she had the desire of it when playing me. as for nekofang well she improve at an great speed maybe because she hang out with stronger players more than me. Ability wise she either on par with me or above me. below is unlikely. hope to play either them soon again. I lost to her badly recently haha. yet she still consider me as a rival which I feel uneasy. friend yes but to have rival way weaker than oneself seem weird unless you think that person have talent that will surpass him/her. About her so called solid move from me,that a lies because at that time she a beginner and so felt so.


this guy is a mystery to me as I always heard Shiori praising him. Hoping to play against him, as wanted to know the strength between two of us, we always unable to play a 19x19 even though we even once tried by set a time and date to play yet a event for him happen ended it. hoping to play him soon.


well unlike most GO players who want to become pro or maybe even a titleholder, I play go for increase in ability. Pro or titleholder interest me but given my current ability don't brag first as I only have 16 years left to become a pro if I remember correctly about must become pro before 30 years old. Though I do like to be a SDK by 9 August. My country national day. Though from the look of it, it is near impossible.

Not knowing lot of Go proverb and term make me confuse when reviewing game with friend on KGS as they use it a lot of time. Now all I can do is review game and correct the mistake so as to remember the correct move by instinct.

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