Weiqi Step by Step Training 1000 Problems Series

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Weiqi Step by Step Training 1000 Problems Series
By: W Yln 吴玉林
Publisher: Chengdu Shidai Publishing, 2006

Weiqi Step by Step Training 1000 Problems Series


Velobici: Each page shows two 19x19 boards upon which are depicted from one (fuseki problems) to four problems (life and death, capturing races, tesuji). The answers are located second half of the book using the same displays as the first half. Despite the first volume of this set being named Introductory, the problems are not trivial. Please see the Sample Problems section below.

Anonymous:In the problem section of the Introductory volume, the author have chosen to challenge the reader with problems, that could have been the result out of a real combat situations.

Most problems are accompanied with many of its variations (liberty less, liberty more, with or without hane, etc). This approach can lead to difficult problems, which are disorganized in terms of difficulty. i.e, the overall ordering of problems is not ascending from easy to difficult.

Some pages contains problems, which can be easily solved by a 12 kyu player, and tricky problems which amateur dan players cannot solve at first sight. Hence, players of all strengths can find nice problems in this book.

Table of Contents

Introductory Volume ISBN 978-7-80548-994-0 入门篇

  • Part 1 Common Life and Death (problems 1-388)
  • Part 2 Capturing Race Technique (problems 389-540)
  • Part 3 Basic Tesuji (problems 541-757)
  • Part 4 Beginning Steps to Endgame Play (problems 758-954)
  • Part 5 Essential Fuseki (problems 955-1000)
  • Answers

Beginners Volume ISBN 978-7-80548-995-7 初级篇

  • Part 1 Essence of Life and Death (problems 1-580)
  • Part 2 Outline for Attack and Defense (problems 581-620)
  • Part 3 Skillfully Using Tesuji (problems 621-850)
  • Part 4 Brilliant Endgame Plays (problem 851-1000)
  • Answers

Intermediate Volume ISBN 978-7-80548-996-4 中级篇

  • Part 1 Intermediate Life and Death (problems 1-928)
  • Part 2 Actual Game Situation Brilliant Plays (problems 929-952)
  • Part 3 Vital Point of the Whole Board (problems 953-976)
  • Part 4 Middlegame Fighting Techniques (problem 977-1000)
  • Answers

Sample Problems

Volume 1, Introductory, Problems 1-4  
Volume 2, Beginner, Problems 1-4  
Volume 3, Intermediate, Problems 1-4  

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