WBaduk Getting Started

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This page is in need of attention.
Reason: This page is in conversational style and does not have proper editing. It has been 4 years since the last edit, while the server has probably evolved. At least one of the links is dead

bucko: I decided since many people on the WBaduk page seem confused that it's probably worth giving a brief tutorial on how to work with their signup page etc. based on my first day there. It's also an attempt to make a more structured description of the server.

Imagist: It's worth noting that the entire WBaduk website is impossible to navigate in Firefox. Internet Explorer must (unfortunately) be used.

bugcat (2021): As far as I know, the website is now perfectly accessible on Firefox. I think I navigated it myself on Waterfox, which is a Firefox fork, and I had no issues. Meanwhile Internet Explorer has become deprecated and has been replaced with Microsoft Edge, which is an entirely different kind of browser. Not to mention that Firefox, and no doubt also the WBaduk site, have also changed significantly over the 12+ years since that comment was made.

(apparently continuing from bucko): It's the first page I've written here so I'm sure I've made lots of mistakes; also I've only been using the server a day so I don't understand some things. If a regular there could come and tweak this page I'd be most happy. :)


Links for registration and a download of the client software are on the [ext] English WBaduk page.

Signing Up

Sign-ups are done on the [ext] registration page. Linux users be warned - even if the client works in WINE or something, this page doesn't want to load; claiming "The users of Korean, Chinese or Japanese Windows cannot join the membership." You'll probably have to load it in Internet Explorer under Windows. I found the page wanted to install some ActiveX controls. I let it, because I was installing onto a virtual PC that I'll only use for Oro, so I don't know if you can get away with refusing.

Edit 02/18/2007 : maybe this page has changed, because there was no problem for me signing up with linux (debian etch, iceweasel (i.e. firefox), flash and java enabled)

Changing Password

Once you have registered, WBaduk will send your password to the email address that you provided. You can change your password. To do so, go to the main page ([ext] http://www.wbaduk.com/main.asp) and click on the Correct Userinfo button located on the lefthand side. This brings up the member edit page ([ext] http://www.wbaduk.com/edit_member.asp). On this page you can enter your new password.


I've played 3 games on Oro; won 2 lost 1, and I signed up with my KGS rank of 10k. So they're probably reasonably close.

ilan: That is approximately true, as my KGS rank is also the same right now. However, there is much more variation in WBaduk, as you can gain or drop ranks in four or five games. For example, I recently gained back 6 ranks in one week, and dropped about as many on one very bad day. This means that your opponent's rating may also be off by as much as 5 ranks.

In general, the playing strength on WBaduk is quite different from KGS. My feeling is that WBaduk players have been playing all their life, so they know a lot of the fundamentals, especially about tactics, but they definitely have a less serious approach than the KGS players. In particular, do not expect a WBaduk player to let you get away with a silly tactical blunder, even if he is 20K.

Anon: While I can't speak to the rank comparison, I do have something to say about the WBaduk ranking scheme. It's true that the rank can change faster than on other servers. But, at the 3d* level I do not find it true that ``your opponent's rating may also be off by as much as 5 ranks.'' All the games I've played at my level have been reasonable and challenging.

ilan: Actually, I've been wondering if the ranking algorithm is the same for all ranks. In particular, I have never seen any 9d rankings, which does not make sense if the algorithm at 8d is the same as for 1K - 11K (all the ranks I've played at!). That is not quite true, it seems that professional players get assigned 9d to start, that is, 33500 points.

dalf: For lower ranks, my experience is that WBaduk is definitely stronger. As a 13k KGS, after 50 games on WBaduk, I happily went down to 24k (the bottom 1%). From the players listed, absolute minimum is 25k and there seems to be a ceiling of 1000 rating points. Rating points indeed move also fast in the bottom kuys (compared to the difference between ranks). Anyway, 23-25k is well above beginner level as you may find people with thousands of played games there.

ilan: I had a discussion with a Korean 3d on WBaduk. We concluded that the rank variation is due to people setting up accounts at unrealistic levels. The reason for this may be that you can't play rated games at more than 1 handicap, so it is the only way to play stronger or weaker players. There are a lot of sandbaggers as well.

PLung: I recently started playing on WBaduk too, and currently am 5D (20 wins, 8 losses). The 4D ranks are really unstable - seeing as you can assign yourself that rank from the start. The average 5D is around 4D KGS strength, but there are a LOT more stronger players there (esp. at peak times), so I would recommend playing there instead for stronger players. For info. on how the rating system works, check out this link: [ext] http://www.wbaduk.com/wbaduk/rating_system.asp Another point is that I can usually find opponents to play longer games, with upwards of 30min main time (with byoyomi).

A short summary of the ranking system: You gain points if you win, lose points if you lose. The difference in one rank is 1000 points, so 29000 is 4D, 30000 is 5D... Like the (?) rank in KGS, you get a * showing certification after a certain number of games. Note: You get awarded bonus points if you're on a winning streak - I had a 10 game win streak where I think I got almost double my usual points every win.

Logging On

Once you've signed up, you'll be emailed a password, which you'll need to use to log on. Fire up the client and pick a server (I normally use Japan but I guess it doesn't really matter). I seem to recall it ran an updater before I did anything else (perhaps because I got the client from the old english site?). It'll also bring up the preferences window so you can choose your initial prefs. There's nothing you really need to change there unless you want to change your byo-yomi voice etc.

ilan: Each client has a different set of players, so you can choose countries depending on your preferences (you can also change from one server to another). However, the Korea1 and China1 servers have the most people, about 4000, while Japan usually has about 300.

You can change servers with the "ServMove" button at the top of the window.

Observing a Game

WBaduk has a sort of "room" structure: everything is a room. It seems however that you're able to observe a game without joining the game room - this way you see the chat lobby instead of the game kibitz when watching the game. To observe a game, just left click and pick one of the options. You can also create a review game (which is basically like a clone game on KGS, except it happens much faster).

ilan: There seems to be a bug here, as the game will often freeze up, and you are sitting there as seconds tick away and nothing is happening. To observe the continuation, you have to leave, and then join the game again from the games listing.

PLung: They also show recently finished pro/high ama games (rather frequent), which is a nice plus. One of the things I find best about this is that you can view diagrams - so instead of typing the moves, you can link to a new window with a diagram. Extremely useful especially in some commented games. Unfortunately, I don't think viewing another person's profile or games is possible in the English client.

Joining a Game

There's two ways of joining a game. Firstly you just wait for a invitation from another player in the Lobby and accept it (you can change what sort of challenges you accept by left clicking your name). Otherwise in the game list there are games with (in blue) "Wished Opponent: OpponentType" where OpponentType might be "even" or "stronger" or whatever. If you feel you match their criteria you can left click the game and select "Enter" then challenge the user in the room you'll have joined (left click their name) - or they'll challenge you. You can also create your own room (with preferences), which others then can view in the game list.

Starting a Game

Alternatively, you can fire off your own challenges to anyone who has invitations enabled (the "Allow" column in the user list). Just left click your target user and choose "Request Game." More interestingly, you can create your own game room for people to join by using the "Creating-R" button. This will give a dialog box with loads of different types of room you can create - including some special types like one colour under "Event." This will make a room in the Lobby for people to join (you can encourage them with the preset chat phrases).

ilan: The easiest method is to press the "Auto Request" button, which broadcasts a message in the main lobby.


How can I convert .ngf files to .sgf? :MultiGo reads the file. Then you can save as sgf.

Opportunity for free games with Korean Professionals

Use their [ext] schedule calendar, first come first served.

Saving games

The games are saved on the server as well as your computer. In the top of the game lobby window, there's a button which opens the server saved games. Games are stored on your hard drive that you've played, you can also set observed games to do the same. The changing smiley faces are based upon the score given by the estimator.

Cool WBaduk Features

ilan: Obviously, the best feature are the Byo-Yomi girls counting off seconds in Japanese (recently returned to the English version). Otherwise, the most practical feature is the score estimator, which you can use during the game. I never realised how useful knowing the count was until I started using it, and I don't feel too bad, because 8d players also use it (you can tell when a player is using it because a magnifying glass appears on his icon). Even if you don't look up the exact estimate, you can tell which players if favoured because their avatar is smiling.

Other interesting features are backgrounds for the chat window (I picked a beach with palm trees) and international phrases for chatting, such as: "Hello, Baduk fans!"

There are also live pro games played on each server. On the Japanese server, you can also observe the Honinbo title match live. However, the English client seems to be unable to render the name of the players.

PLung: There are some features that work in and out-of games, such as the diagrams and pre-play. I can't find any difference between the two, just that pre-play allows score estimator after making new variations. So instead of visually playing a semeai, or thinking about where a ladder is going to end, you can play it out directly. As ilan said above, the international phrases for chatting are extremely useful, and there are over 50 of them so you can express whatever you want to, and have everyone understand you. The score estimator is also really refined - it also shows combined thickness. You can also change font size, smaller or bigger to adjust for your eyes. Gibo (in the top right) is a collection of games. Games you view and games you play are automatically saved on your computer - but I can't find a way to view them offline.


With Wine 1.4 and 1.6 install ie6 first (winetricks ie6) and make sure flash is turned off everywhere in WBaduk settings otherwise there are issues. Probably works with other versions as well, haven't tried later ones. Asian fonts work out of the box (with Ubuntu at least).

WBaduk's client is generally reported to work well with old versions of Wine (1.2 and before). Apart from a "Floating point exception" when first logging in, that has no further effect, there are only extremely minor cosmetic issues with the client. Update: After the 2015 client update it's still possible to connect with this trick: First connection to the server will fail (Floating point exception) and you have to close the dialog. Click on "server" and choose another one. After a few seconds you get a connection failed dialog, click cancel and pick another server. From now on it'll work.

To display conversations in Asian languages, users should ensure that Unicode fonts are available to the Wine install. This can be achieved by copying the appropriate fonts from a Windows install into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts. Alternatively, if the system in question already has a valid Windows install (on dual-booting systems, for example) the Wine fonts directory can be softlinked to the Windows fonts directory:

ln -s /mnt/win/WINDOWS/Fonts ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts

(The above works if the Windows install is found in /mnt/win)


- There is also a Java client (can watch and play games) available [ext] here

Java client can work on Linux. Oracle Java is required, for a super-hacky IcedTea? Java recipe, see [ext] http://www.lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11660.

- Linux users may connect to WBaduk (listed as CyberOro) through the latest version of qGo (can only play and watch matches and there were issues last time I checked). The source is available [ext] here and Ubuntu/Debian users may install it from [ext] this PPA or [ext] these .debs.

Mozilla (maybe...)

I tried signing up with Mozilla. After clicking on the "confirm" button, it says "Cannot connect to (some IP address)". Feedback plz?

[1] I suspect they've changed the signup system since writing that page and forgotten it exists; however, the English client /is/ linked on that page, and I'm not sure if it's different to the "world" client. I think it might just be an old version.

Usage of Oro English Server (1) (text copied from server)

Date: 2005.04.01 09:55
  • 1. Program Installation

From the homepage (www.wbaduk.com), please select 'Programme Download' and download the file.

Double-click the downloaded file name 'oro2000.exe', then, the file is automatically installed and the icon 'orobaduk' is created on your window screen.

If you double-click the icon on the screen, the registration form will appear on the screen and then, follow the instructions. Completing the form, if you click 'register' button, you will be joined the membership successfully.

After entering the registered ID and Password (which received by e-mail), select 'Connect' button, then you can enter the antechamber/waiting room (the basic screen).

Usage of Oro English server (2)

Usage of Oro English server (2)

  • 2. Antechamber Interface

[1] Antechamber Menu: Information related to the environment of a Baduk game, WRSRank, Homepage and so on.

[2] Antechamber: Designed to show the waiting list of the users who are watching a game or waiting for a game.

[3] Waiting List: Waiting list of the users who are watching a game or waiting for a game.

  • If you click any menu on the menu bar, you can see the list in the order of that menu (If you click 'Level', you can see the players from the highest dans to lowest kyus downwards.)

[4] Matching List: Rooms's list of the users who are playing games and the rooms where the matches are played, game conditions and so on.

  • If you click 'All' and select one of the options there, you can only see the list of matches which fulfills that option (For example, if you click high, you can only see the list of the matches between the players stronger than you.).

[5] Chat Screen: Showing the conversation between the members.

  • Only English and your own language are supported at the moment.

[6] Personal Details: Showing the total records and Baduk level, announcement of an administrator, Manner, etc.

[7] Serv-Move: Connecting/Moving to Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other servers.

Usage of Oro English Server (3)

Usage of Oro English Server (3)

  • 3. Set up the Environment of Baduk Program
  • Selecting your favorite form and pattern of a Baduk board from the menu bar, 'Options...'.
  • When a player receives a requesting message for a game, the player can decide whether to play or not by checking the level of the requester or the kind of Baduk game.
  • When the other player creates a Baduk room, you can set up whether the information about creation, entry, exit, etc. are shown or not.
  • Setting up how to show the referencing boards to the users and whether to save the game records automatically or not when the users enter the relayed Baduk room, commentary Baduk room or replay Baduk room.
  • Setting up whether or not the users receive the memo and invitation from other players and also the announcements from an administrator.
  • Setting up the methods of indication for the status of stones on a Baduk board as well as the sound effect and volume when making a move.

Usage of Oro English server (4)

  • 4. Request for a game and Play

When a player clicks an opponent's name from the waiting list or clicks an opponent's name which is underlined in the chat screen, Figure 1? is created. Then, if the player clicks the requesting Baduk button, Figure 2? the invitation message is sent to the opponent.

Figure 1? Choose and click a wanted opponent's name

If the opponents allow the requesting, the screen below is created to the proposed player who requests a game. After setting up the conditions the player clicks the 'Request' button. Sometimes, there is an argument due to the fact that the players do not check the conditions carefully. Therefore, please check the game conditions very carefully before starting.

  • Kinds of Match: Setting up promotional, friendly and pair games.
  • Total game records of the opponent: Checking the total records, percentage of victories and promotional points of the opponent.
  • Game conditions: Showing the information about the handicap and the compensation.
  • Time Setting: Setting the time for Quick / Normal / Lengthy game and overtime rules (the number of the times for the count-down allowed).

(Standard Time: normal-30minutes-30seconds-3 count-downs).

  • Function Setting: Setting the allowance for Undo / Pre-move / Territory Analysis, etc. (Auto-setting for the allowance is available by the match rules)
  • Size of the board: Selecting the size of the board such as 19,13,9,7,5, etc.
  • Handling disconnection: if disconnection occurs more than the number of the times allowed, set whether time-over lost is applied or not.

Usage of Oro English server (5)

  • 5. Game Room Standard Interface

When a user enters the game room the user can see the screen below that shows a game in process.

1)Baduk board The size of the board is controlled by managing the size of the window screen.

2)The user names, their Baduk levels, limited time, the number of count-downs, etc. are shown.

3)The list and the total records of the audience in the game room are shown.

4)Printing of the conversation in the game room is available.

  • Besides the main game functions, it also offers extra functions like pre-play and territory analysis for the novices, weaker players and other audience who have weaker ability of judgment, reading and so on.

1) Pre-play A player (except a promotional game) or the audience can play pre-moves in a progressing game after clicking 'Pre-play' button and expect the further moves.

2) Territory analysis When a player wants to compare and analyze the merits and demerits of a progressing game, select 'Estimate' button for 'Territory Analysis' which is offered by OroBaduk, and check whether the player is ahead or not. On this occasion, let the player know whether he/she is ahead or not, through the analysis of the prisoners, territory, thickness and so on which are counted by the computer.

Black's territory; Thick for B White's territory Thick for W

3) Comments and Diagrams After clicking 'Comments' button, You can produce diagrams with some comments.

  • The player, who is joining in a progressing game, cannot use these functions if the functions are prohibited while setting the conditions of the game.

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