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Hello everyone! My online name is Phillup Lafallacy and I'm currently a KGS 2 dan. I enjoy giving free teaching games, reviews and answering go-related questions. Please message me if you desire any of those. I have but one condition: You must have manners. I am an 18-year-old male who resides in New England, USA (Eastern Time Zone, GMT -4) and have been playing for one and a half years (starting in late November '05). Being a SSF mate, I have an odd style, which consists of ... well ... you see ... moving on. You will find me in many rooms on KGS: including KGSRooms/Advanced Study Room,, Chinese Go School, dark kakashi, Education of Go, Fullmoon,, KGS Plus Club, KGS Teaching Ladder, Kikos Evil Lair, LCD, Narutos Kingdom, Philosophy Room, Rengo Room, Sendol Room, School of Go, Stephen's Go Room, Teaching Room, Wings Go Club, and the Battlefield (private and main rooms not mentioned). Please enjoy my Sensei's page and if you have any suggestions, please present them in the Suggestion Box at the bottom of the page.


If you are truly serious in improving your skills, do the following:


  • Study 30 to 75 problems a day ( is a great source). This will teach you the basics of Go as well as help you read multiple go positions.
  • Look over pro games slowly and try to to understand each move. If you can do this with other people, more power to you. This helps you get inside the head of a pro, which should help you greatly.


  • Every move in go should have a purpose. Once you fully realize this, you should be able to play "complicated" moves. Complicated moves such as L&D, tesuji, and a bunch of other neat stuff.
  • LEARN AND USE THE DOUBLE HANE!!! The double hane is very powerful. If you are a DDK (double-digit kyu), your rank will increase by at least one stone!


  • Start to experiment with moves and styles in which you don't normally play. You will learn many different varieties of styles and be able to put your own unique style together.
  • Play handicap games. Helps with invasion + reduction tactics, L&D, and tesuji.
  • Teach people. This has the same idea as henadicap play, but you also get the pleasure of sharing your go knowledge and helping people out.
  • Play blitz games. Your reaction time will improve nicely.
  • This is one of the most important things you can do to improve. Review your game right after you have played. If possible, do this with your opponent. Do this with all of your games including blitz (with blitz it is only necessary where you think you or your opponent went wrong, but of course you can review the whole thing).

My Teaching

I love to teach and do so on KGS. I do free teaching games on KGS; however, I do have some rules.

"My requirements and limitations"

  • I DO NOT teach rude people. Please be kind and patient when playing and when talking to people online.
  • I limit my teaching to students from 2 kyu to 10 kyu. If you are weaker than KGS 10 kyu, please do some of the "Studying" mentioned above and you will reach 10 kyu in no time flat.

"Teaching Games"

  • One-hour free teaching games.
  • We will continue to play until either of us feel there is no real reason to proceed.
  • Each teaching game includes reviewing at the end of the game played within that hour and if time is left we can play again or you can ask any go related questions (if you have any non go-related questions please wait until the end of the hour, and I will awnser any I can).
  • DO NOT RESIGN!!!! Resigning means when I review the game, it will always be under "the end" and not the certain move that we are looking at; Which makes it hard to go back and look at the game in the future.
  • Do to the activeness of my teaching, I will only teach the same person twice a week, no more. This also gives some time for your brain to relax and not get crammed with too much information.


  • I do reviews on demand usually. Just message me on KGS or send an email to me with the SGF form of the game attached.
  • I give detailed reviews that usually take 20 to 30 minutes.
  • If you have any questions at all, please go right ahead and shout them out, do not wait.
  • Do to my consistent teaching and reviewing on KGS, I limit myself to doing 2 reviews to the same person in one day. So please only ask for me to review games that you really want to be reviewed.

If you want a teaching game, all you have to do is send me a personal message, "pm", on KGS. I will be able to teach you when I am free (which is most of the time) or teach you on another day. I hope to make many new friends while teaching. ^_^

Personal Goals

Here are my go-related goals:

  • Reach KGS 4 dan by the end of November 2007.
  • When I reach 4 dan, create a free teaching room.

Suggestion Box

If you have any suggestions about my teaching or about what I can do to improve my Sensei's page, please go ahead and leave a suggestion, but don't change anything else. :)

Anonymous: What do u do when people play very annoying moves that keeps you low on the board?

VincentMA: If it is a teaching game then I will most likely show better moves during the reivew. If you mean moves that are sente, but keep me low on the board, then it depends. If the moves are true sente then I will of course awnser them, but if they are almost sente, or too small, then I will tenuki. If it is a free game and I am playing someone who doesn't know how to play go really, then I will most of the time tell them to go to this website: [ext] I am a calm and collective person most of the time, so it doesn't really bother me.

Vincentma last edited by on August 18, 2007 - 04:02
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