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Tygem Baduk is the English language Tygem [ext] website and a client for the Tygem go server. The sites went live on March 2011 with a Windows client and an iPad [ext] app. Some years ago, Tygem was known as Live Baduk. As such, the client executable is named LiveBaduk.exe. LiveBaduk works just as before. as of 27 December 2011. All three applications, TygemBaduk, Tygem iPad app, and LiveBaduk are used to access the same set of go servers. The TygemBaduk client is a slightly modified translation of the LiveBaduk client.

Getting Started

  1. Create an account at the TygemBaduk website ([ext] http://www.tygembaduk.com/emember/member.asp?pn=2)
  2. Download the client
    • To download the Windows application, click on the "Direct File Download" button on the TygemBaduk website homepage.
    • To download the iPad app, open iTunes and search for "Tygem".
    • install qgo on linux. NB: seems broken 07/2017
  3. Install the client
  4. Start the client
    • Enter the username (ID) of the newly created account
    • Enter the password (PW) of the newly created account
    • Select any one of the Tygem servers.
    • Click the "Log in" button
  5. Play!


  • If you cannot find the direct download button in the top right, disable Adblock if you are using it and refresh the page.
  • It appears that one cannot run both TygemBaduk and LiveBaduk on the same Windows computer at one time. If one of the two applications is running, the other will not run. An error message is displayed. The English language error message that that "Tygem Baduk is already running".
  • User accounts for eweiqi? and LiveBaduk.exe do not work with Tygem Baduk as of 27 December 2011. The problem appears to be the passwords. The usernames are recognized by TygemBaduk and are marked as "Unavailable" when completing the new account form on the new user sign up page. However, one cannot login to TygemBaduk when using that username and the eweiqi or LiveBaduk.exe password.
  • TygemBaduk "just works" with Linux and WINE. You might have to install the mfc42.dll, refer to the [ext] [Wine FAQ].
  • On Windows7, after installing with admin rights, the application will run with admin rights only. Set write permissions for all required users for the installation folder, and it will work.
  • Getting the following error when trying to run the installer on Windows 10: Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002

Error Information:

SetupNew?\setup.cpp (142)

PAPP: PVENDOR: PGUID: $ @Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200) IE Version: 9.11.17134.0

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