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kb: What a great problem! Aji is incredible, isn't it?

Main line (submitted by unkx80)  

Black may try a, b or c.

(It turns out that white+circle is necessary for White to live!)

unkx80: Huh, my reading is not so complicated, white+circle should not be needed.

Black a

Black at a (B9 = W6)  

Black may try i, j, or k.

Black at a  

unkx80: If B4 at a, then White b snapback. After W5, Black cannot avoid connect-and-die from b.

Black at a, continued at i  

The ladder at x is broken by white+circle.

Black at a, continued at i, other try  
Black at a, continued at j  
Black at a, continued at j, #2  
Black at a, continued at k  

Three liberties to two, White wins by one. (Refer to Black at a to see that extending at W4 will not gain any liberties.)

Black b

Black at b  

After W8, play reverts to W6 for Black at a.

Black c

Black at c  

a and b are miai for life

hhw: my attempt.

forcing first, part 1  

hhw: White can force on the side first...

forcing first, alternative  

Dave: I like hhw's forcing sequence. However, White should continue once more with W1 here instead of W7 above. After anything like B2, Black can not play at a (B9 above becomes unnecessary), so W3 makes b and c miai for life. If Black answers W1 with d, White will force twice starting with e and then turn at f, capturing Black.

forcing first, part 2  

hhw: ...and then enclose the Black group.

possible continuation, W6 at B1  

hhw: W8 seems to allow White to get both groups out by itself.

Tapir tries...

White to play, status of the marked stones?  

Up to B6 all moves were forced. Now there are several variants. (Basic ideas similar to hhw, but omitting his W9, which gives unnecesarry options to Black.)

There are four crucial points left.

After a White lives if b is sente (threatening to move out and disabling d in the process)

After b White lives with d (a and c miai) or a (undestroyable second eye because of snapback).

After c White can live directly with a (undestroyble second eye because of snapback.)

After d White escape, force Black and then wrap up the whole black group with W15. As White can make a second eye at a, Black can not win this capturing race.

Continuation Black d  

So, Black playing at a is the only line not yet refuted.

Continuation Black a  

After W9 Black has not many options. Keeping White from getting to the outside is the best play, but White can live easily with a play at c (as Black can't play at d).

Black c fails, White can force at e and than capture with an eye at f

Black f is the only possibly resistance. But ends in disaster.

Continuation Black a - Black stubborn and pays for it.  
Continuation Black a - Black stubborn and pays for it. Part II.  

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