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Ko (with the approach move a)  

Herman: B4 at W5? tapir: Indeed, wishful reading.

Playing at B2 doesn't work here.  
Another order same result?  

Herman: Again, B4 at W5?

How about this?  

Herman: B4

tapir: A lot of failing lines... well I don't know.

Herman: Well, I think you have explored all reasonable lines. So the status is: White is dead.

tapir: Boo hoo hoo... a tsumego without life, it is a very unexpected outcome. I have to work on my wishful reading practice I guess.

Herman: Such a thing can be quite important. I think it may often be better to give problems like this, with just "White to play, status" Instead of "White to play and kill", because not having been given any hints forces you to consider the possibility that there is nothing to get, or that the solution is just a one point endgame gain, or whatever :)

I'll give the full context from the game:

19x19 diagram  

In this position, I had to decide whether playing at a was a viable response to W1. I read the following:

19x19 diagram  

This line is only viable for black if White cannot live after the W7-B8 exchange. Which is where this tsumego came from :)

(This W1-B8 was also the actual game)

tapir: You are white or black here? :)

Herman: I am black here :)

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