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TouchGraph ([ext] have a tool called WikiBrowser which shows the wiki pages and links as graph. (You need Java for this)


Which one ? tderz

  • Unzip
  • Download [ext] (date: 2002-04-20)
  • Unzip
  • Start the browser with java -cp TGWikiBrowser.jar:BrowserLauncher.jar com.touchgraph.wikibrowser.TGWikiBrowser senseis-linkmap.txt badhabits 2 false

Hint: enable backlinks. It seems like we deshis don't put in too many links in our pages?

Enjoy :o) --Arno

Shouldn't that be java -cp TGWikiBrowser.jar;BrowserLauncher.jar? i.e. semi-colon not full colon

True. Semi-colon on windows, colon on Unix. --Arno

See also: Mapping Sensei's Library

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