The Game of Wei-Chi

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The Game of Wei-Chi
By: Daniele Pecorini?, Tong Shu?
Publisher: Heian International, Inc., 1815 West 205th Street, Suite #301, Torrence, CA 90501?, 1929, 1991, 1999
ISBN10 997-149259-8
128 + plates pp.

The Game of Wei-Chi is an introductory book by Daniele Pecorini and Tong Shu. Originally published in 1929, the book's revised edition published by Federal Publications in November 1991. ISBN: 9971492598. A subsequent edition was published by Heian International in 1999. ISBN: 0-89346-922-X


Table of Contents

  • Part I
    • Historical Sketch
    • Spirit and Symbolism of Wei-Chi
    • Anecdotes
    • Classification of Players
  • Part II
    • I. Description of the Game
    • II. Phases of the Game
    • III. Technical Terms
    • IV. The Knot
    • V. Formations
    • VI. Calculation of Points
  • Part III
    • Hints on the Game
  • Part IV - Analysis of Games
    • I. Fan v. Su
    • II. Chou v. Huang
    • III. Fan v. Siao
  • Part V
    • Problems
    • Appendix A
    • Appendix B - Wei-Chi, or The Chinese Game of War

Sample Material

From the back cover:

Wei Chi, or Go, has won an enormous following of millions worldwide today.
Players are fascinated by the infinite combinations of moves, myriad traps
and unpredictable developments in this ancient Chinese game.
Wei Chi illustrates how nations are formed and developed by peace and war.
The two players place their pieces in the most desirable locations on the
board, and try to encircle and 'kill' their opponent's pieces and enlarge
their own territory.
This book guides the beginner through the first steps and different moves,
explains strategies and formations, and analyses famous games by great
masters. A brief historical sketch is also given, as well as the etiquette
to observe in playing the game.

Problem I.  The Five Soldiers
(See Plate XI., Fig. 2)
White to play and form a unilateral knot in his own favour.
White, 1. W. 2/3. Getting ready to knock the three black men at W. 4/1.
Black, 2. W. 4/1. Connects.
White, 3. W. 1/2. Prolongs.
Black, 4. W. 3/5. Closes in, taking one breathing space from white.
White, 5. W. 2/1. Chokes and knocks, sacrificing his three men.
Black, 6. W. 1/3. Takes off three white men.
White, 7=5. W. 2/1. Chokes again and knocks.
Black, 8. W. 1/1. Takes off.
White, 9=3. W. 1/2. Takes off and forms the knot.
(The life of the masses in a full game would depend on the side issues.)
Plate XI. Imperfect Positions and Pursuits  

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