Thanking your opponent after the game

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In go culture, both face-to-face and online, it is considered courteous to thank your opponent after a game (both winner and loser).

If you think it likely you will be playing against people who speak another language, it may be useful to prepare by referring to Useful Phrases In Other Languages.

Online play also has other considerations that interfere with etiquette:

  • Since the Internet is international, you are often much more likely to be playing someone who does not speak your language. Don't be offended if someone doesn't respond to your comments.
  • Many people, from laziness, lack of typing skill, or a perceived lack of time, over-abbreviate. You may often see "thx" instead of "thanks". Some other abbreviations that may appear confusing are "gl" for "good luck", and "hf" for "have fun".
  • Connection problems, the multi-tasking that is natural when using a computer, or simple absent-mindedness can all lead to departing immediately after a game without saying a word. This may be rude, but is common enough that you should not feel insulted.

It's a free world.

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